ICU /Catherine Wheel Reunion Concert

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Saturday April 20

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6:00 PM  –  8:00 PM

When we decided to curate an exhibition about the artist Theo Wujcik (1936–2014), we were reminded of days (and nights) spent in the #YborCity art scene, where Wujcik was a fixture.

Inspired by Wujcik, the MFA is thrilled to announce that the original members of the local favorite band "ICU/the Catherine Wheel (Tampa)" will play together for the first time in almost 25 years. The young five-piece cut their teeth in underground music clubs like the long defunct Impulse and Masquerade in Ybor City,  St. Pete's Channel Zero at Club Detroit and Gulfport’s Swamp Club.

Featuring Jonathan Harrison, Gerald Hammill, Martin Conner, and Doug Prescott, they will be joined on keyboards by good friend Mark Warren, a member of Mod-L Citizen, back-in-the-day contemporaries of ICU.

Coinciding with the Theo Wujcik exhibition, the group will focus on their original material from 1987 to 1991, halcyon days for both the band and Wujcik, who would often be seen in the same Ybor City club or after party. Stay tuned for more details and ticket information!

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